Превышен лимит товаров для текущего тарифного плана

hemostatic tourniquet

hemostatic tourniquet
For arterial bleeding is characterized by the following features: ripple hemorrhage and scarlet blood. When venous bleeding when blood is poured out without pulsation and has a dark color, a tourniquet is unacceptable! . In this case, use other ways to stop the bleeding - the maximum fold limbs, compression band, tamponade and others.

Arterial bleeding dangerously rapid loss of blood. Blood loss more than 500 ml for an adult is already a serious threat to life, especially when the loss occurs simultaneously, as in arterial bleeding.

The most effective way to stop arterial bleeding in the injured limb is a tourniquet. When applying the tourniquet should be perfectly perform a few rules the violation of which can lead to serious consequences, damaged limbs from amputation until the death of the victim.

Tourniquet is used only to stop arterial bleeding and only of course!

Harness overlaps the upper border of the wound at 5 cm above.

You can not impose a harness directly to the skin, be sure to put a cloth under tow. Otherwise serious damage occurs skin at the site of a tourniquet.

On the wiring can not bandage, tourniquet should be visible.

On the body of the victim in two conspicuous places to write clearly and legibly, not to remember or tell the time a tourniquet. Embedding pieces of paper is not highly desirable - they are lost, get wet, and so on. N. In transit.

Harness superimposed on the upper limbs to 1.5 hours, at low to 2 hours. In the cold duration of tourniquet is reduced by 30 minutes. At the expiration of the time to remove the wiring for 15 seconds. Further casting time reduced to 2 times the original. Compliance with this mode is strictly necessary. Longer tourniquet threatens the development of gangrene and subsequent amputation of limbs.

When applying the tourniquet patients have severe pain. The victim will try to weaken the harness - you have to be ready.

Signs of good tourniquet: pulsation below the wound should not be! Fingers turn white on a limb and grow cold.
Saving ripple below the tourniquet, even if the bleeding has stopped, also threatens to further negative consequences for the victim.

Forearm and shin tourniquet may not be effective because of the radial bone, however in this case if the first attempt fails, the harness can be superimposed in the bottom third of the arm or in the bottom third of the femur.

When a tourniquet to stop bleeding as such, no, there is only a delay of his. Really stop arterial bleeding may only Professional doctors in a hospital.
So after tourniquet need urgent transport to a medical facility.
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