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External battery Power Bank 45000 mAh with solar battery and flashlight KVP

External battery Power Bank 45000 mAh with solar battery and flashlight KVP
Portable Charger Power Bank Charging Solar Battery 45000 mAh

Solar Charger 45000mAh Power Bank will help in a critical situation and significantly extend the battery life of your favorite devices: smartphones, players, tablets, cameras and other devices. Special indicators located on the front panel will inform about the remaining level of charge.

Solar Charger 45000mAh Power Bank is a device that combines all the advantages of compact solar panels and universal external batteries. The Power Bank 45000mAh case is made of impact-resistant soft-touch soft plastic, and the device also has a number of protection systems that prevent short circuits, excessive charge levels, full and spontaneous discharge, overheating.

In the backup battery mode, you can save a charge from the network, and then recharge the player or mobile phone. A USB-microUSB charging cable is supplied with the charger. On the portable charger there are two USB connectors for charging equipment and a miniUSB connector for charging the Power Bank itself, the connectors are securely closed with rubber covers and are not afraid of moisture ingress.

Technical specifications of external battery Power Bank 45000 mAh:

• Type: External battery for charging portable devices

• Rechargeable devices: smartphones, phones, iPod, iPhone, tablets and other

• Connection: USB

• Capacity, mAh: 45000 (Declared by the manufacturer)

• Technology: Li-Ion

• Charging: from USB

• Output1: DC 5.0V, 1A (Max)

• Output2: DC 5.0V, 2A (Max)

• Input: DC 5V, 2 A (Max)

• Dimensions: 165h85h20 mm


The kit includes:

• Power Bank 45000mAh

• Packaging
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