Превышен лимит товаров для текущего тарифного плана

Business Card Yarosh. Right quadrant Maidan

Business Card Yarosh. Right quadrant Maidan
Famous, storm Putin propaganda MAIN YAROSHA- in fire does not burn, does not sink in water, helps the evil eye and expels evil spirits, schizophrenics causes seizures. A very useful thing !!! Souvenir, a great gift from Ukraine. Souvenir Maidan.

"Cut Jarosz" - Internet meme that originated April 20, 2014, a parody of Russian media propaganda that all events the political crisis in Ukraine 2013-2014 see "the right hand of the sector."
Cut Jarosz "as Internet meme

The Internet is mainly suggest using "business card Jarosz" as a universal charm, super-power weapons, and find local tracks Yarosh resonant crimes in human history.


A friend said he can still put on a business card Yarosh money - it protects them from inflation.

Sugar divided into tracks business card Yarosh turns into pure cocaine.

In the engine "Proton", lying in Baikonur, found burnt card. Experts are trying to

identify the owner.
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