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Survival. Items that will save!

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INSULATED RESCUE covers It will be indispensable for survival in an emergency situation, for the supporters of active recreation, summer residents, tourists, hunters, fishermen, and even for fans of extreme sex.
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120 UAH
Flint works equally well in both dry and wet, is targeted to more than 10,000 strokes along the rod. Temperature sparks issued flint - about 3,000 degrees Celsius. In addition to a fire, this steel can be used as an emergency supply of light signals. Irreplaceable thing in gear backpackers, hikers, hunters and fishermen.
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100 UAH
Small size, light weight, flexible and easy to carry It is suitable for hunters, fishermen, tourists, researchers and other types of events and family holidays. Great for emergencies and outdoor activities, camping, hunting, hiking, etc.
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160 UAH
Parachute cord survival bracelets from - is a modern and indispensable accessory for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and all those who want to be prepared for any eventuality. Ways to use survival bracelet: -To Repair clothing and equipment, Buksirovochny Cable, Belevaya Rope, Shnurki Shoe, Rastyazhka Or alarm, Tros For goods lifting, Rastyazhka For tarps, For Postoroyki hut, For Built raft, Pletenie Snares and pitfalls, For Fishing, For The manufacture of tires for sprains and fractures, For Lining seams on the wound, As A tourniquet to stop the bleeding, For The manufacture of stretcher
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150 UAH
Tourist economical mini stove, very compact, going to the liter mug, stainless steel, using such tiles on the bumps 6 can boil a liter of water, combustion efficiency 95% Very important for vyzhianiya in extreme conditions, for the zone ATO and ordinary tourists, fishermen, hunting, ...
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480 UAH
Introducing a flashlight, an independent power supply, which uses a dynamo machine which is activated by pressing a special trigger.
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75 UAH
Compact tool kit 15 in 1 universal, multitool, pliers long, pliers, grip round objects, pliers, knife large knife small, small screwdriver, screwdriver big opener, knife for cleaning fish, ruler, file, awl, Phillips screwdriver, knife canning
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300 UAH
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