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Basil Remeslo coin is 2 hryvnias in 2017

Basil Remeslo coin is 2 hryvnias in 2017
Series: Outstanding Persons of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to the world famous scientist, talented breeder, academician, the 'creator' of the wheat ear - Vasily Nikolaevich Remez. VM Remeslo secured Ukraine's status as a 'breadbasket of Europe', selected 40 varieties of cereal cereal crops, which are still donors for wheat varieties of both domestic and foreign selections. He is the author of winter wheat varieties Mironovskaya 264, Myronivska 808, Myronivska Jubilee, Mironovska Early, Myronivska Yar and many others who have significantly increased the yield of the main bread culture in Ukraine and abroad.
2 hryvnias, year of issue: 2017 Circulation: 30000 pieces, Metal: nickel silver, Weight 12,8 grams
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