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Ulas Samchuk coin 2 uah 2005

Ulas Samchuk coin 2 uah 2005
Series: Outstanding Persons of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian writer Ulas Samchuk, who was born in the village of Derman of the Rivne region, but worked in a foreign country. Among the masters of the Ukrainian prose of the twentieth century, the figure of Ulas A. Alekseevich is almost the most original. He is the author of the memoirs, the novel-trilogy 'Volyn', the story 'Maria', the poetry `Listen, listen! Says Moscow ', `Noise Mill', and so on.
2 hryvnias,
year of issue: 2005
Circulation: 20,000 pieces,
Metal: nickel silver,
Weight 12.8 grams.
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