Превышен лимит товаров для текущего тарифного плана

An-225 Annihilation silver coin 20 hryvnia 2002

An-225 Annihilation silver coin 20 hryvnia 2002
Series: Airplanes of Ukraine
Silver coin The new series `Airplanes of Ukraine`, which aims to reflect more than half a year's activity of the Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex named after O.K.Antonov and significant achievements of modern Ukrainian aircraft construction, is starting. The coin is devoted to the unique wide-body fuselage super-heavy aircraft intended for the transport of large-sized cargoes weighing up to 250 tons, the first flight of which took place in December 1988. On the account of the aircraft - 214 national aircrafts and 124 world.
20 hryvnia,
year of issue: 2002
Circulation: 2000 pcs,
Metal: silver,
Weight 62.2 grams
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