Превышен лимит товаров для текущего тарифного плана

An-2 silver coin 10 hryvnia 2003

An-2 silver coin 10 hryvnia 2003
Series: Airplanes of Ukraine
The silver coin is dedicated to the multipurpose airplane intended for the carriage of goods and passengers, the ancestor of the large family "Aniv". The first flight of the aircraft took place on August 31, 1947, and mass production began in 1949 at the Kiev Aviation Plant (now "Aviant"). A total of 18 aircraft modifications have been developed. AN-2 is one of the most massive and durable aircraft in the world, the serial issue of which continues. It has been exported to 23 countries of the world.
10 hryvnia,
year of issue: 2003 Year
of circulation: 3000 pcs,
Metal: silver (Ag 925),
Weight 31,1 grams
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