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1000000 dollar bill in a work of art and collectible, reminiscent of the financial success of its owner, a symbol of the American dream of wealth and prosperity. Corp. "The secret of the American Dream," released a batch of exclusive performance collectible souvenir-gift banknote denominations of 1 000 000 (one million) US dollars. Circulation is limited. Lord bought the product will enter the privileged class of millionaires. Banknotes in denominations of $ 1,000,000 are printed on the US Mint and meet all the requirements that apply to conventional money $ 1,000,000 MILLION DOLLAR BILL Interesting, prykolnыy, oryhynalnыy, no, a present at, Wedding Day, birth of, Yubyley, New Year, second, second, relatives, favorite, beloved, vlyublёnnыm, boss, Employees, friends, kumovyam, godfather, Qom, something podaryt, krestnyku , godchild, VIP, Present, for good luck,
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4 500 UAH
Code: 714-716
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1 220 UAH
Series: Revival of Ukrainian statehood Silver coin dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine, adopted June 28, 1996 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on behalf of Ukrainian people - citizens of Ukraine of all nationalities. The Constitution of Ukraine establishes the fundamental provisions of the organization and functioning of the Ukrainian state and society. 5 USD, Year: 2016 Edition: 3000 pieces, silver (Ag 925) Weight of precious metal purity, 15.55 grams
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990 UAH
Brand: Viluta
Мадагаскар - подростковое постельное белье Вилюта материал Ранфорс, герои мультфильма Мадагаскар
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Series: Revival of Ukrainian statehood Silver coin dedicated to the restoration of Ukrainian statehood in the recent period of history. Declaration of Independence of Ukraine adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 24 August 1991, was for the people of Ukraine momentous historical document that reflected the eternal Ukrainian aspirations to create an independent, united, sovereign and democratic Ukraine. 20 USD, Year: 2016 Edition: 3500 pcs, Silver, Weight 62.2 grams
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3 500 UAH
Very rare coin. Occasional 50 cents coin 1992 coins have two identical side-avers avers. Marriage, on both sides of the coin depicts the small coat of arms of Ukraine (trident). Rarity. Error. RRR. Original. Eagle-eagle (PPP), reverse-reverse
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19 000 UAH
The most expensive coin of Ukraine of precious metals - "Annual Meeting of the Board of the Bank in Ukraine", released in 1998, while its price was 4 USD. (Less than $ 1.), Now (about 500 dollars.) It is the only coin of base metals circulation is just 10,000 copies.
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