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Peresopnytsia Gospel silver coin 20 uah 2011

Peresopnytsia Gospel silver coin 20 uah 2011
Series: Spiritual treasures of Ukraine
The silver coin is dedicated to the outstanding historical memorial of the spiritual culture and writing of the Ukrainian people in the middle of the sixteenth century. - Peresopnytsia Gospel. According to the content, the Peresopnytsia Gospel is a traditional tetraevangel, containing four canonical Gospels, the first old Ukrainian-language monument of national writing, which has come to our day. In 1561, the Monastery of Peresopnytsia Prechistensky (Nativity of the Virgin Mary) completed its work on him. The translator of the text - Gregory, Archimandrite of the Peresopnytsia Monastery, the scribe - Mikhail Vasilyevich, son of the archpriest Syanotsky. The Peresopnytsia Gospel is a national relic on which the Ukrainian presidents solemnly swear allegiance to the Ukrainian people during the inauguration. The coin is made using patinization technology, the decoration element is local gilding (the gold content in the purity is not less than 0.001518 g).
20 hryvnia,
year: 2011,
Mintage: 4000 pcs,
Metal: silver (Ag 925),
Weight 62.2 grams
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