Превышен лимит товаров для текущего тарифного плана

Flint - fire in any weather

Flint - fire in any weather
Flint works equally well in both dry and wet, is targeted to more than 10,000 strokes along the rod. Temperature sparks issued flint - about 3,000 degrees Celsius. In addition to a fire, this steel can be used as an emergency supply of light signals. Irreplaceable thing in gear backpackers, hikers, hunters and fishermen.
It is used for kindling fire. Applicable anywhere, at any time and under any conditions, including in wet weather and low temperature. With Flint can easily ignite paper, dry grass, bark, tinder and other flammable materials.

The temperature of the spark - about 3,000 degrees Celsius. Resource - 3000 ignited.

Spark is cut with a scraper, knife or any sharp metal object.

Made of magnesium alloy and steel. In sliding strike sparks temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius. Works in any weather. Life span of from 5000 to 12,000 strokes.


Material of the rod - magnesium.
Rod diameter - 4 mm.
Working length of the rod - 40 mm.
Overall length 65mm


Flint (magnesium + silica) - 1 pc.
Metal scraper, green - 1 pc.
Black Lace - 1 pc.
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