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Coins of Ukraine

Many familiar situation when you want to make a gift to the person who has everything. Coins made of precious metals - a great way out. Subject modern coins so much different that you can always find the appropriate coin for each. Birthday, Angel, professional holidays, gifts for loved women, art lovers and art - gift coin can be selected for different events. Presented coin, unlike other items, will never depreciate, not obsolete, not deteriorate. The high artistic quality of their implementation will not leave anyone indifferent, and the original and refined cases will surprise even the most demanding of you. The numismatic our online store you can buy commemorative and jubilee coins of Ukraine, if a coin is not found in the list, or have any questions please ask via mail. Buy Ukrainian coins.
Please note, due to the fact that the coin valued in pristine condition, in order to avoid risks of damage to the coins are available only on a prepaid basis. Decency guarantee.
Very rare coin. Occasional 50 cents coin 1992 coins have two identical side-avers avers. Marriage, on both sides of the coin depicts the small coat of arms of Ukraine (trident). Rarity. Error. RRR. Original. Eagle-eagle (PPP), reverse-reverse
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Form a collection of coins of Ukraine under the order, any theme: Ukraine, regions, cities, airplanes, ships, war, craft, writers, theater, flowers, animals, monuments, independence, history, culture, ceremonies, theaters, schools, politicians, ... Selling a coin collection.
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