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Ukrainian embroidery Coin 5 UAH 2013

Ukrainian embroidery Coin 5 UAH 2013
Series: Ukrainistics, folk
Dedicated to the bright, colorful and distinctive elements of folk costume - Ukrainian embroidery that its ornamentation and colors reflects the tradition of embroidery in every region of Ukraine.
On the obverse there: above the small State Emblem of Ukraine and the semicircular inscription NATIONAL BANK OF UKRAINE image of a girl with a needle in hand that embroiders canvas by fragment color (used tampon), against the canvas face - UAH 5, under which the right - the year of issue Coin 2013. In German silver coin left the Mint logo of the National Bank of Ukraine.
Reverse placed a piece of colored cloth embroidered (used tampon printing), a semicircular inscription UKRAINIAN (above) embroidered shirts (below).
Artist: Vladimir Taran, Kharuk Alexander Kharuk Sergey
Sculptor: Dem 'Vladimir Lukyanenko, Vladimir Atamanchuk

 Coins of the National Bank of Ukraine 5 hryvnia denomination can be equipped with gift box, the cost of UAH 100 case
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