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Mykhailo Deregus coin 2 UAH 2004

Mykhailo Deregus coin 2 UAH 2004
Series: Outstanding Persons of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Mikhail Deregus (1904-1997), one of the brightest artists of the 20th century. Painter and graphic artist, teacher and cultural figure - Mikhail Gordievich Deregus, who perceived the generalized national tradition, masterfully combined it with the achievements of world culture. His paintings of Cossack themes are widely known, namely the series "Khmelnytsky Region", "Pereiaslav Council", the triptych "The Duma about the Cossack Golot", etc. Illustrations for the works of I.Kotlyarevsky, T. Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, M.Gogol, M.Nekrasov became a significant achievement of graphic art. 
2 hryvnias, 
year of issue: 2004 
Circulation: 30000 pieces, 
Metal: nickel silver, 
Weight 12.8 grams.
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