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Lyubomyr Husar coin 2 UAH. 2018 Patriarch

Lyubomyr Husar coin 2 UAH. 2018 Patriarch
Series: Outstanding Persons of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to one of the spiritual leaders of our people - Patriarch Lubomyr Husar, who is called the conscience of the nation. Lyubomyr Husar was born in Lviv, but in 1944 his family was forced to emigrate abroad. He studied and worked in Austria, USA, Italy, and returned to his homeland after the proclamation of Ukraine's independence. In 2001, he headed the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Thanks to Lubomyr Husar, a decision was taken to transfer the throne to Kyiv and to build the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. In 2011, Lyubomyr Husar left the post of Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, but until the end of his life was actively engaged in public activities.
2 hryvnias, year of issue: 2018 Circulation: 45000 pcs, Metal: nickel silver, Weight 12,8 grams
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