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Igor Sikorsky coin 2 UAH 2009

Igor Sikorsky coin 2 UAH 2009
Series: Outstanding Persons of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to one of the pioneers of aviation, the designer of airplanes and helicopters, an industrialist Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky. Studying at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1907 - 1914), Igor Sikorsky began working on the first developments of future helicopters. From 1910 he built airplanes. The first multi-engine planes in the world - `Grand`,` Ilya Muromets`, `Russian knight` - its designs. He came from Ukraine, he glorified his name as one of the most famous aircraft designers in the world.
2 hryvnias,
year of issue: 2009
Circulation: 35000 pieces,
Metal: nickel silver,
Weight 12.8 grams.
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