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Georgy Voronny coin 2 UAH 2008

Georgy Voronny coin 2 UAH 2008
Series: Outstanding Persons of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to the great scientist, one of the most famous mathematicians of the world, George Voronoi, who was born in 1868. Georgiy Feodosiyovich Vorony enriched mathematical science with significant discoveries bearing his name. Scope of its development - from computer graphics to geometric modeling and creation of artificial intelligence. In our time, Voronoi's work is being used by specialists in various fields of knowledge in virtually all European countries, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc.
2 hryvnias,
year of issue: 2008
Circulation: 35000 pcs,
Metal: nickel silver,
Weight 12.8 grams.
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