Превышен лимит товаров для текущего тарифного плана

Metal churn Army

Metal churn Army
Flask Army - the subject of individual soldier equipment Soviet times - Army jar, aluminum, which still only widely used in the former Soviet space tourists, fishermen and ohotnikami.Flyaga made from food-grade aluminum, painted in khaki colors and is designed to carry and store any liquids . It weighs just 200g and is designed with the 0.75-liter volume. Anatomically shaped flask allows you to comfortably wear it strapped to your belt, and if desired, can be equipped with it, apart from the standard cover, and even a special cover-thermos, which will keep the temperature of the fluid, which is very convenient in the long march in the cold season, when the any time you can drink hot tea, do not make a fire. It is worth noting that the food has excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum, so the liquid therein is very easy to cool to near the pond or stream, or vice versa in the sun to heat it. Flask army can successfully be used for boiling liquid at the stake.

Capacity: 0.75 liters

Material: Aluminum


Made in the USSR.
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