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Electric shockers, tactical lights

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Code: 1101
2 in 1 - a powerful discharge shocker + blinding flashlight ELECTROSHOKER-LIGHT «Police 1101» is the best means of self-defense both from people and from dogs. Powerful discharge, blinding flashlight and metal casing will provide you with maximum safety. A flashlight with an electric shock function is an ideal option for those who are afraid of dark alleys and walking around troubled areas. With him you will be confident and calm, you do not want to leave, irreplaceable in different situations! Completely waterproof, super bright glow thanks to the CREE chip will provide lighting to the farthest distance. If you are afraid of dogs and hooligans flashlight with an electric shock will come to the rescue! The cracking of the electric shock will repel the desire of anyone to contact you, rest assured of your abilities!
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