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Parachute cord survival bracelet from

Parachute cord survival bracelet from

What is the survival bracelet and how to use it?

Survival bracelet is a representing a long piece of rope (Parachute cord), beautifully decorated and comfortable in a wristband. This bangle can be worn on the street, at work, at the club, but not so on a reel of rope on a belt or over the shoulder. You can take a bracelet in the woods, in the mountains, barbecues, etc. The bracelet weighs a bit, does not restrict movement, and you without noticing always have on hand a reliable helper of man - rope. Such survival bracelets are very popular among the US military, tourists and adventurers around the world.


The bracelet is very easy to untwist, so, you will be in the hands of decent skein strong rope that holds up to 250 kg at break. Rope, like a knife, an indispensable thing in terms of survival - it will tell you any tourist. Making a living in a wild world or simply a safety net in everyday life situations - these are the main tasks of survival bracelet.

Value for survival bracelet is that it is easily dissolved in one-piece cable lengths of 3 meters and can be used for dressing wounds, the organization of tents, tying anything, manufacturing traps, hiking sinks, etc. what enough is your imagination and equipped with a hidden navykov.Braslet whistle, which can be useful in extreme usloviyah.Signalny whistle is a very simple and useful device for emitting sound signals. Sharp and unusual for an uninhabited area whistle sound can be used to signal for help on any terrain and in any weather conditions, it will attract the attention of rescuers at a distance and do not require you considerable amount of energy.

Parachute cord - a lightweight nylon rope, consisting of two parts - the core and sheath. Parachute cord originally used in slings American parachutes, but later he found applications in many areas of life that require lightweight and flexible cable. He was very fond of US military personnel from him weave bracelets, knots for knives, key chains, braided for flashlights, axes.

Parachute cord survival bracelets from - is a modern and indispensable accessory for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and all those who want to be prepared for any eventuality.

Ways to use survival bracelet:

-To Repair clothing and equipment

-Buksirovochny Cable

-Belevaya Rope

-Shnurki Shoe

-Rastyazhka Or alarm

-Tros For goods lifting

-Rastyazhka For tarps

-For Postoroyki hut

-For Built raft

-Pletenie Snares and pitfalls

-For Fishing

-For The manufacture of tires for sprains and fractures

-For Lining seams on the wound

-As A tourniquet to stop the bleeding

-For The manufacture of stretcher



Length of 25 cm

The length of the cord: 3 m.
Characteristics of
Country of origin USA
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