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Bogdan Khmelnitsky silver coin 10 UAH 2015

Bogdan Khmelnitsky silver coin 10 UAH 2015
Series: Heroes of the Cossack Age
The silver coin is dedicated to the 420th anniversary of the birth of a prominent person in the history of Ukraine, a politician, a commander, a diplomat, a founder of the Ukrainian Cossack state and its hetman (1648-1657), Bogdan (Zinoviya) of Khmelnytsky. Bohdan Khmelnytsky is a man of extraordinary giftedness, with a high level of organizational abilities. He was a person who attracted the attention not only of his contemporaries - associates and opponents, representatives of the royal dynasties, diplomatic and governmental circles of Europe, but also descendants of politicians, scholars, artists, etc.
10 hryvnia,
year: 2015,
Copies: 3000 pcs,
Metal: silver (Ag 925),
Weight 31,1 grams
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