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Alexander Arkhipenko coin 2 Uah 2017 sculptor

Alexander Arkhipenko coin 2 Uah 2017 sculptor
Series: Outstanding Persons of Ukraine
The coin is devoted to the painter, graphic artist, one of the most famous sculptors of the twentieth century, one of the founders of modern styles in the sculpture of the twentieth century. and the leader of the artistic revolution - Alexander Porfirovich Archipenko. Being born in Kyiv, Alexander Archipenko through all his life carried the fascination with the beauty of his native land, the magic of Trypillian culture, archaic Polovtsian sculptures, colors of peasant pottery, and others like that. The works of Archipenko are marked by dynamism, concise composition and form. Most of his compositions are characterized by the style of cubism, constructivism and abstractionism. He synthesized painting and sculpture, combining three-dimensionality and flatness. More than a thousand sculptures and paintings of Archipenko entered the treasury of world art.
2 hryvnias, year of issue: 2017, Mintage: 30,000 pieces, Metal: nickel silver, 12.8 grams mass
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