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85 years of the Kiev region coin 5 UAH 2017

85 years of the Kiev region coin 5 UAH 2017
Series: Regions of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to the Kyiv region - the cradle of Kievan Rus, from which the national family tree originates, the ethnic core around which Ukraine-Russia was formed, its history and culture. The Kiev region is located in the north of Ukraine in the middle reaches of the Dnipro Basin, mainly on the Right Bank. The area is rich in such minerals: granites, gneisses, brick-tiled clay, marls, construction and quartz sand, peat, mineral waters. On the territory of Kyiv region there are 177 rivers (all of them belong to the Dnipro basin). In the region there are 130 territories and objects of the nature reserve fund. Among them - a significant memory of the nature of the national importance of the arboretum `Alexandria`. The basis of economic potential - machine building, metalworking, food industry, developed agriculture.
5 hryvnia, year: 2017 year Edition: 35000 pcs, Metal: bimetal of non-precious metals, Weight 9.4 grams
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