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85 years of Kharkiv region coin 5 UAH 2017

85 years of Kharkiv region coin 5 UAH 2017
Series: Regions of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to one of the largest industrial, economic and cultural centers of Ukraine, centers of higher education and science - the Kharkiv region, located in the north-east of Ukraine. The economic-geographical position of the region stimulated the development of mechanical engineering (energy, electrical, transport, agriculture) and metal processing. The products of Kharkiv machine-building enterprises have world-wide recognition, in particular, the Kharkov tractor plant and the plant of tractor engines, the state aviation enterprise, the factory of self-propelled chassis, etc. The minerals in the region are represented by natural gas, oil, stone and brown coal, rock salt, phosphorites, ocher , clay, sands, limestone, chalk, etc. Kharkiv region occupies an important place in Ukraine in the production of commodity grain, important technical crops, the development of horticulture and horticulture.
5 hryvnia, year of issue: 2017 Year of circulation: 35000 pcs, Metal: bimetal of non-precious metals, Weight 9.4 grams
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