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85 years of Chernihiv region coin 5 UAH 2017

85 years of Chernihiv region coin 5 UAH 2017
Series: Regions of Ukraine
The coin is dedicated to the land located within the Polesie and forest-steppe zones - Chernihiv Region. This land has a thousand years of glorious history that has been preserved in numerous monuments and shrines. Chernihiv region - a region with a strong intellectual, economic and natural potential, which has an industrial-agrarian structure of the economy. In the sectoral structure of the industry, priority is given to food, fuel, machine-building and metal-working, wood-working, pulp-and-paper, and light. Significant role is played by power engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry. The area also has significant agricultural potential.
5 hryvnia, year: 2017 year Edition: 35000 pcs, Metal: bimetal of non-precious metals, Weight 9.4 grams
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