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500-летие Реформации монета 5 гривен 2017 церковь

500-летие Реформации монета 5 гривен 2017 церковь
Series: Other coins
The coin is dedicated to the important phenomenon of European culture - the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The formal beginning of the religious and social movement in Europe from the sixteenth to mid-seventeenth centuries was linked to the speech of the German reformer, the doctor of the theology of the Wittenberg University, Martin Luther, who, in 1517, published his famous 95 theses aimed at the practice of selling indulgences (exemption from sin, granted by the Church) and emphasized that one achieves 'salvation of the soul' (or 'justification') not through the church and its rites, but through the faith given directly to him by God. The influence of the Reformation on the Ukrainian lands was manifested in the democratization of the church, its approach to the people, the process of creating national schools, printing houses, the translation of the Bible and liturgical books in Ukrainian.
5 hryvnia, year of issue: 2017 Circulation: 40000 pcs, Metal: nickel silver, weight 16.54 g
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