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Coins issued by the National Bank of Ukraine in 2013
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Commemorative coin "Ukrainian embroidery" Dedicated to the bright, original and colorful elements of folk costume - Ukrainian vyshivanka that its ornamentation and color gamut reproduces embroidery traditions in each region of Ukraine. Release date: 20.08.2013 year. Circulation 30 tis. pcs. Denomination: 5 .
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690 UAH
Commemorative coin Bustard, Series, Flora and Fauna dedicated to one of the largest birds Ukraine, a number of endangered species gruiformes, included into the Red Book of Ukraine and European Red list of animals and plants threatened with extinction globally. Year: 2013, Neyzilber circulation: 30 000 pieces, buy a coin, buy, sell, shop Numismatics, Ukraine, in Kiev
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550 UAH
The coin is dedicated leader of peasant insurgency in the south of Ukraine - Nestor Makhno, which represents the type of folk hero, born explosion of revolutionary elements. His organizational and military capabilities are undeniable, it worked insurrectional tactics, guerrilla warfare was the subject of study military science.
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450 UAH
Series: Architecture Ukraine The coin is dedicated for the unexpected artistic design and the latest building designs with sculptural decoration on mythological and hunting scenes, built in the early twentieth century, and the 150th anniversary of the birth of its author - Vladislav Gorodetsky, architect, a brilliant engineer, traveler, entrepreneur. 5 hryvnia Year: 2016 Edition: 30000 pcs Metal: nickel silver, 16.54 grams Weight
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230 UAH
Series: Provinces Ukraine The coin is dedicated to the region, called Eastern Gate state, home to people who love their country and are able to work, which is almost half of high quality coal reserves, fertile soils and vast steppes.
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1 650 UAH
Series: Sport The coin is devoted to the most prestigious sports forum in the world among young people - the Junior World Athletics Championship, which will take place in Donetsk and will contribute to strengthening the image of the state in the world sports community. Youth championships of the world take place once every two years, it is on them that the birth of future stars of athletics is taking place. 2 hryvnias, year: 2013 Circulation: 20000 pieces, Metal: nickel silver, Weight 12.8 grams
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290 UAH
Series: Other coins The coin is devoted to the introduction of Volodymyr the Great Christianity as a state religion, which contributed to the unification and strengthening of Kievan Rus, the spread of literacy, opened up broad prospects of economic and cultural ties, and so on. 5 hryvnia, year: 2013 Circulation: 30000 pcs, Metal: nickel silver, Weight 16.54 grams
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520 UAH
Series: Other coins The coin is dedicated to one of the oldest state expert institutions of Ukraine, which began operations in 1913 as the Cabinet of scientific and forensic examination at the Chamber Prosecutor of Kyiv - Kyiv Research Institute forensic examination. After a difficult path, the Institute has become one of the leading institutions of forensic software, where highly skilled forensic experts. 5 hryvnias Year: 2013 Edition: 15000 pcs Metal: Bimetal with base metals Weight 9.4 grams
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1 500 UAH
Series: Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The coin is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of August 23, 1943 the city of Kharkiv from fascist occupation forces Steppe Front in cooperation with the Voronezh and South-Western Fronts during a successful counter-offensive of the Soviet troops in the Belgorod-Kharkov area, who completed the Kursk battle.
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390 UAH
Series: Sport The coin is dedicated to the outstanding sporting holiday - the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, which will be held for the first time in Ukraine. In total, 289 gymnasts from 59 countries of the world will come to Kyiv to take part in the competitions. Artistic gymnastics is one of the most spectacular and sophisticated sports that has world-wide recognition and many admirers in all corners of the globe. 2 hryvnias, year: 2013 Circulation: 20000 pieces, Metal: nickel silver, Weight 12.8 grams
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330 UAH
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