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Coins issued by the National Bank of Ukraine in 2012
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Souvenir coin with the image of one hryvnia Logo Euro 2012. The coin is dedicated to the final tournament of the European Football Championship 2012. Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkiv
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150 UAH
The set consists of a medal with the image of 5 major attractions 4 Ukrainian cities hosting Euro 2012, the back of the stadium zobrazhen this city prinmal matches Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk
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1 600 UAH
Coin 1 hryvnia one with the logo of Euro 2012. Souvenir Euro 2012 Ukraine
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35 UAH
Series: Traditional crafts Dedicated hutnytstvu - manufacture of glass, known since the times of Kievan Rus. For many centuries of hutnytstvo reached a high artistic level. Especially original are baklahy, barrel, different bottle, quart and different shaped dishes in the form of roosters, birds, bears and more.
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150 UAH
Series: Ancient cities of Ukraine coin dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Ivano-Frankivsk (until 1962 - Stanislav) - the regional center of Ukraine, located in the Carpathians, between the rivers Bistrita and Bistrita-Nadvirnianska-Solotvynska (Dniester). The first written mention of the city dates back to the year 1662 when it received Magdeburg Law.
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240 UAH
Series: Outstanding Personalities of Ukraine The coin is dedicated to the famous son of the Ukrainian people, military and statesman, twice Hero of the Soviet Union - Sidor Artemovicha cap, which in 1941 - 1945 he was the commander of the Putivl partisan detachment, later - connection guerrilla groups Sumy region.
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1 590 UAH
Series: Other coins The coin is dedicated to one of the oldest research institutions of our country - the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, which was founded in 1812 at the Cape Martyan near Yalta and is a unique collection of local and world flora, an example of garden construction, a kind of open-air museum, which is gathered around 20 thousand species of plants from different parts of the globe. 5 hryvnia, year: 2012 Circulation: 35000 pcs, Metal: nickel silver, Weight 16,54 grams
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270 UAH
Series: Sport The coin is dedicated to an important event in world sports life - the Games of the XXX Olympiad, which will take place in 2012 in the city of London. 2 hryvnias, year of issue: 2012 Circulation: 30000 pieces, Metal: nickel silver, Weight 12.8 grams
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190 UAH
Series: Architecture Ukraine The coin is dedicated architectural ensemble Eletski Holy Dormition Monastery, founded in the mid XI. - One of the oldest in Ukraine, which is the main building stone church dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady.
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210 UAH
Series: Folk crafts and arts coin is dedicated to one of the oldest classes - vychyntsi leather with fur and tailoring of her different clothes
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360 UAH
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